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Core Business of ABR

ABR Emirates International, established in the year 2005, have served hundreds of clients in the region of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and the other emirates of the -UAE and also stepping its foot in India, Africa, Afghanistan, SriLanka. It has earned an unrivaled reputation as a leader in Point of Sales (POS) software solutions across the Middle East. Our main area of expertise is in the following area

Barcode Software | Barcode solution | Boutique software | Cashier system | Coffee shop software | Garments POS Software | Online POS Software | POS Software in UAE | Restaurant POS Software / Restaurant Software

Hardware Solutions

We offer the folllowing Hardware Solution 

  1. Barcode Scanner
  2. Barcode Printer
  3. Touch Screen Systems
  4. ID Card Printers
  5. Thermal Printers
  6. Bio-Metric Scanners
  7. Bluetooth Printers
  8. RFID Printers, Scanners And Tags

Software Solutions

We offer the following Software Solutions

  1. Restaurant POS Software
  2. Laundry POS Software
  3. Retail POS Software
  4. Salon & SPA POS Software
  5. Catering Solution
  6. HR & Asset Management Software
  7. IOS and Android App’s
  8. Web Portals

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